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Image of FreedomBriefs, Ladies Incontinence Pants

FreedomBriefs, Ladies Incontinence Pants

Reclaim your freedom from bulky, uncomfortable and all-too obvious disposable pants. Discreet and snug-fitting FreedomBriefs give you total, all-day long confidence with no tell-tale wet patches and are odour resistant. Made from 100% cotton with soft...

Image of FreedomBriefs, Men’s

FreedomBriefs, Men’s

If you suffer from minor to moderate urinary incontinence, FreedomBriefs will help you reclaim your freedom from those bulky, uncomfortable and all-too obvious disposable pants. FreedomBriefs fit and feel so much like ordinary underwear, you might forget...

Image of Monthly (31 days) Pill Organiser

Monthly (31 days) Pill Organiser

This smart little organiser will keep your daily doses of prescribed medication or vitamin supplements neatly stored, sorted and ready to hand. The organiser comprises 31 daily pill pods each numbered to correspond with the date of the month so you’ll...

Image of Neck Firming Cream

Neck Firming Cream

Thin, crepey skin around your neck and dècolletage can be a true indication of ageing, even adding a few years if neglected, and no woman wants a ‘turkey neck’. This specially formulated neck firming cream, however, will help to bring back life to...

Image of Power Floss Oral Irrigator

Power Floss Oral Irrigator

Taking care of your teeth means more than just regular brushing. Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush, brushing alone does not remove all the unwanted debris and food particles which can lead to decay, gum disease and bad breath. To keep teeth...

Image of Vigorine


A scientific study funded by the US Department of Agriculture shows that citrulline, a 100% natural substance derived from the humble watermelon, appears to produce much the same effect as the little blue, diamond-shaped pill. Which may come as welcome...